Why You Need a Company Profile and How to Make One in 8 Steps

Branding 8 Min Read

A company profile is like a virtual handshake that introduces your business to the world. But it's more than just an introduction. An effective company profile can help you attract potential investors, clients, partners and employees. How?A well-crafted company profile highlights your company culture, values, mission statement and accomplishments while providing a clear overview of your products, services and benefits.

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Branding in a ‘Barbie’ World — How Mattel Succeeded in Its Branding

Hi, Barbie!The "Barbie" movie was magic in a bottle (or, more aptly, magic in a box with a cellophane front), but not for the reasons you think. Its box office didn't break $1 billion just because of its great branding — it was a fantastic product, full of heart. Yes,

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Why Book Covers Are Making a Comeback

In the digital age, the prevailing wisdom has long been that book covers matter less. With online buying removing bookstore browseability and thumbnails shrinking designs into insignificance, cover art and typography were deemed less critical. But in 2023, an intriguing reversal is underway – book covers are making an emphatic

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3 Peloton Instructors Share Their Success Strategies

At the onset of 2020, a few months before the COVID-19 pandemic, I purchased a Peloton bike. Little did I know that the company would spike in sales later that year, Peloton bikes and treads would be out of stock, and Peloton instructor names would become "household names." My "lockdown"

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How to Grow Your Brand’s Digital Presence in Just 6 Months

In a digital-first era, where 64.6% of the global population is online, having a robust digital presence has become the cornerstone for brands to thrive in 2023. Whether it's a startup laying its first digital brick or an established entity aspiring to capture more online real estate, there's no overstating

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How to Transform Your Business with Social Media Branding in 2023

In less than two decades, social media has transformed how people communicate. Social media platforms have also dramatically altered how brands reach potential customers and build long-term relationships.Social media enabled brands to break down barriers and reach their audiences directly. As a consequence of making it easier for companies to

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How to Create a Compelling Brand Identity

The world we live in today is constantly evolving, so having a recognizable brand identity is important. Creating a strong brand identity is essential for standing out from the crowd, building customer loyalty and driving business success in today's extremely competitive business landscape. A well-crafted brand identity goes way beyond

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3 Steps to Redefining Your Personal Brand with Threads

Meta's Threads is a revolutionary new platform that changes how our society communicates digitally. In the world of branding, Threads emerges as a new opportunity for thought leaders to redefine their brands.In today's world, developing and managing this brand is more important to staying ahead of the competition. To utilize

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3 Reasons to Choose Real-Life Human Models Over AI for Your Next Campaign

Models are essential — having worked in the fashion industry, I know it's a cutthroat sector of work. Most importantly, I understand the importance of humanizing a brand using real people. Authenticity was always critical to the success of both models and brands, and it's become even more so as

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How Social Media Can Build Trust and Engagement In Your Community

When Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook as little more than a student prank in a dorm room, he could have hardly guessed that he was about to create one of the world's favorite connecting tools. But not only that — in one fell swoop, Zuckerberg also developed the first of several

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Why Corporate Social Responsibility Matters in Executive Decision-Making

Here's a reality that can't be denied: The notion of corporate success is being radically reshaped. The financial bottom line is no longer seen as the sole measure of a company's achievement. In today's connected, hyper-transparent world, there's a growing call on CEOs and leaders to create sustainable, measurable value

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