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Why You Should Never Treat Your Business As A Side Hustle

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There is a trend of people starting side hustles as a way to supplement their income. The great thing about this is more people are becoming interested in being entrepreneurs and investors. This means that more people are breaking free from the limitations put on them by the traditional education system. The more people create and invest in businesses, the

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The Rise and Impact of Independent Contractors in 2023

This story originally appeared on The seismic shift in the global workforce towards the inclusion of independent contractors has marked the dawn of a new era in employment trends. The democratization of work, propelled by technological advancements, legislative changes, and evolving worker preferences, has paved the way for this

Business Plans 6 Min Read

12 Reasons You Need a Business Plan

Running a business can be unpredictable, which is why having a solid business plan as a foundation is vital to surviving and thriving in the early days of your startup. Eric Butow, CEO of online marketing ROI improvement firm Butow Communications Group, has teamed up with Entrepreneur Media to write

Business Plans 8 Min Read

4 Strategies for Crafting a Business Plan That Attracts Investors

According to data from Teten Advisors, the median investor in private companies reviews over 80 opportunities in order to make a single investment. As someone who has been working in private equity and investing for over three decades, I can confirm that this number sounds about in line with my

Business Plans 7 Min Read

3 Actionable Strategies for Navigating Market Uncertainty

What most people won't tell you about market uncertainty is that markets are always uncertain. It's a hidden truth in entrepreneurship. There is never a time when a market is 100% stable or sure. Rapid, unexpected change and disruption are always possible. It can occur in your company, market or

Business Plans 4 Min Read

How Pat Flynn Built a Passive Income Empire

On this episode of The Jeff Fenster Show, prominent entrepreneur and host of the highly-acclaimed Smart Passive Income podcast Pat Flynn shares his remarkable journey of transitioning from an architect to a thriving online business owner. Flynn's story is a testament to the power of taking risks, embracing unexpected opportunities,

Business Plans 8 Min Read

Stop Giving Boring Presentations — Follow These 6 Presentations Hacks Instead

In the dynamic and data-driven corporate world, effective communication is paramount, and one of the key tools for this communication is corporate presentations. Corporate presentations are the perfect way to communicate ideas, proposals and facts to your business's internal audience as well as external stakeholders. In fact, over 35 million

Business Plans 8 Min Read

5 Ways Start-Ups Can Create the Office of the Future

As we continue to define the new post-pandemic norm, our return to the office remains an increasingly hot topic. Start-ups and Fortune 500 companies alike have taken commendable steps to determine the protocol that works best for their businesses, whether fully remote or implementing one day to five days onsite.

Business Plans 8 Min Read

How a ‘Barbie-ish’ Airbnb Stays Booked in a Challenging Market

This story originally ran on Business Insider. This is an as-told-to essay based on a conversation with Bre Fleschner, owner of an Airbnb that's become known for hosting bachelorette parties in Tempe, Arizona. It's been edited for length and clarity. I've always wanted to be an entrepreneur and own my

Business Plans 17 Min Read

15 Local Fitness Businesses Americans Love

Entrepreneur asked Yelp to dig into its data, to reveal which ones America loved the most. Together we created America's Favorite Mom & Pop Shops, a list of 150 local, independently owned and operated businesses across 10 categories — including, yes, fitness and instruction.To see every category, as well as

Business Plans 7 Min Read

How to Build and Manage Your Retirement Portfolio in 2023

This story originally appeared on well-devised portfolio is essential for attaining sufficient income to fund your retirement. Many people might feel intimidated about the notion of building one for themselves, but it doesn't have to be frightening. Setting up the foundation for success takes just a little know-how and

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