Build These Habits to Become a True Leader (Not Just a Boss)

Growing a Business 7 Min Read

You know what's funny? Being a boss is very, very easy. You tell people what to do, how you expect it to be done and when you expect it to be done. But being a leader? That's a different matter. Leadership involves influence, mobilization of commitment and the ability to paint a picture of the future that people would want

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5 Lessons Learned From a 7-Figure Founder

Success doesn't happen by chance. Often, entrepreneurs wear many hats coupled with consistency, habits and strategic decisions. While founders usually find fulfillment in building a business from the ground up, the road to success can

Marketing 7 Min Read

Inside Prime Video’s consumer products licensing strategy

If you really love a TV show, why wouldn’t you want to deck yourself out in branded clothes, eat limited-edition snacks, and buy collectibles based on your favorite characters?Take Prime Video’s smash-hit TV show Fallout,

Growing a Business 9 Min Read

How to Build a Successful AI Startup in Today’s Landscape

Artificial intelligence is set to become a swelling ocean of radical change, altering many facets of society. Within the business world, AI is already driving significant and far-reaching innovation. And within the B2C arena, significant

Leadership 8 Min Read

Ask These 3 Questions Before Becoming Partners With Someone

Starting a business can be daunting. The statistics bear that out, with high failure rates in the first five years and others closing their doors within the five-to-ten-year mark. There are many reasons for failure,

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His High School Project Would Solve a Problem Worth Billions

In 2018, Vasya Tremsin, now COO of outdoor fire sensor company Torch Sensors, was a senior in high school when

Ouai is expanding its St. Barts line, one OOH placement at a time

For the second year in a row, Ouai is making summer all about St. Barts—this time by land, air, and

Stop Ignoring Your Blind Spots — Start Embracing Them Instead

The internet is filled with articles warning us about the perils of blind spots. How to overcome them, conquer them,

Mom’s Facebook Side Hustle Now Averages $14,000 a Month

This Side Hustle Spotlight Q&A features Heather Freeman. Her Facebook page Coffee. Mom. Repeat. boasts 850,000 followers and brings in

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Marketing 4 Min Read

How GoGo Squeez is breaking into sports

GoGo Squeez is break dancing its way to a new brand image.The snack brand, best known for its squeezable applesauce pouches, has largely come to be associated with babies or toddlers, but its latest product and marketing push is meant to tap into a slightly older, more active audience.To help

Growing a Business 7 Min Read

Be Careful What You Share With Buyers When Selling a Business

Mergers and acquisitions are complex business processes that require significant due diligence from both parties. In fact, M&A is so complex that between 70% and 90% fail, according to Harvard Business Review. Therefore, it's critical that founders have the proper toolkit when speaking to potential buyers so they understand what's

Leadership 1 Min Read

Your Workplace Is Just Pretending to Care — and You’re Part of the Problem, Too. Here’s Why.

If you ever want to watch a single minute of a television show that succinctly demonstrates the differences between today's workplace and that of yesteryear, check out this clip from Mad Men. An employee at the advertising firm (Peggy Olson) wants recognition. Her boss (Don Draper) is baffled.Don Draper: It's

Startups 6 Min Read

Pressure Grows in Congress to Treat Crypto Investigator Tigran Gambaryan, Jailed in Nigeria, as a Hostage

When Tigran Gambaryan was first invited in February to meet with the Nigerian government in order to settle a dispute with his employer, the cryptocurrency exchange Binance, Nigerian officials detained him against his will, stripped him of his passport, and told him he was a “guest” of the state. He's

Start A Business 3 Min Read

Nearly 50% of Parents Have Started Side Hustles: Survey

Side hustles are soaring as Americans take on second jobs to be able to afford the normal stuff.According to a new survey, one group in particular is feeling the crunch of rising inflation and home prices, and taking on extra work in response.Bankrate released its side hustle survey on Wednesday

Marketing 9 Min Read

How team marketers keep their socials active year-round

For many sports fans, their social media feeds are dominated with highlights, scores, and all the other news and drama when their favorite teams are in season.But team social media managers still have to feed the content machine during the dreaded offseason.“I want to make sure that the Liberty is

Growing a Business 7 Min Read

We’re Still Far From an Equal Workplace for Marginalized Communities. Employers Need to Follow These Steps for a Path to a More Equitable Future.

For Black, brown and other people from marginalized groups in the workplace, there continue to be stark inequalities that hinder our success. Take, for instance, Black women, who are estimated to lose over $900,000 over a 40-year career because of the earnings gap. For Black founders, funding has continued to

Leadership 6 Min Read

The 5 Traits All Good Investors Share

For first-time startup founders, the pressure to get funding feels stronger than for experienced folks. These emotions are totally understandable because choosing your first investor significantly impacts your venture's long-term success.So, what should your first investor be like, and how do you choose them? Here are five must-have qualities that

Startups 5 Min Read

How Watermelon Cupcakes Kicked Off an Internal Storm at Meta

Williams in her note explained that “‘Prayers for …’ any location where there is a war in process might be taken down, but prayers for those impacted by a natural disaster, for example, might stay up.” She continued, “We know people may not agree with this approach, but it’s one

Marketing 3 Min Read

Coworking with David Corns

Get marketing news you'll actually want to readMarketing Brew informs marketing pros of the latest on brand strategy, social media, and ad tech via our weekday newsletter, virtual events, marketing conferences, and digital guides.David Corns is the chief marketing officer of Opendoor, an online residential real-estate company. Prior to Opendoor,

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