Twitter Is Finally Dead

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Like a venomous puss moth emerging from its hard cocoon, the social network formerly known as Twitter has fully metamorphosed into elements of Twitter had already embraced the rebranding, and the company has been using links since early April. But now the domain has flipped over entirely, marking the end of a tumultuous transition period—and erasing the last

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OpenAI’s Long-Term AI Risk Team Has Disbanded

In July last year, OpenAI announced the formation of a new research team that would prepare for the advent of supersmart artificial intelligence capable of outwitting and overpowering its creators. Ilya Sutskever, OpenAI’s chief scientist

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How to Break Free From the Corporate Grind to Pursue Your Passion

With prolonged high interest rates and lingering inflation, studies show that up to 40% of individuals currently operate a side hustle, with another 17% planning on doing so. With an increase in professionals entering the

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Marketing budgets have been shrinking in recent years, report says

Get marketing news you'll actually want to readMarketing Brew informs marketing pros of the latest on brand strategy, social media, and ad tech via our weekday newsletter, virtual events, marketing conferences, and digital guides.Marketing budgets

Growing a Business 7 Min Read

3 Strategies to Keep Your Customers Coming Back For More

It's surprising how many business owners in the hospitality industry underestimate the power of retaining customers, considering how important they are to success. In pursuing growth, they overlook the goldmine that customer loyalty represents. They

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An Innovative EV Motor Used by Lamborghini, McLaren, and Ferrari Is Being Mass-Produced by Mercedes

Car enthusiasts mourn the commoditization of propulsion. Once petrolheads would have chosen a BMW for its sonorous straight-six or a

Maximize Profits and Achieve Success with These Effective Goal Setting Tips

If you run a business, manage a personal brand, or aspire to be an entrepreneur, mastering the art of delivering

YouTube focuses on ‘redefining TV’ at Brandcast

Get marketing news you'll actually want to readMarketing Brew informs marketing pros of the latest on brand strategy, social media,

Clinton Sparks Podcast: The Secrets of Entrepreneurship Told by David Meltzer

Don't miss out on this inspirational exploration into the world of entrepreneurship with David Meltzer. His down-to-earth vibe and solid

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I Quit! I’m Not Telling My Boss. How to Stop Quiet Quitting.

Disgruntled or disenchanted employees are quietly giving up, merely doing the bare minimum required at their jobs. This growing trend, known as quiet quitting, signals a critical shift in today's workplace dynamics. Once driven and engaged, employees are pulling back, minimizing their efforts and emotionally detaching from their roles. But

Startups 4 Min Read

Inside the Cult of the Haskell Programmer

At the same time, I understood almost immediately why Haskell was—and still is—considered a language more admired than used. Even one of its most basic concepts, that of the “monad,” has spawned a cottage industry of explainers, analogies, and videos. A notoriously unhelpful explanation, famous enough to be autocompleted by

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How to Manage Cash Flow for Startup Success

When you're starting a business, you might have big dreams and a vision for the future. But dreams alone won't pay the bills or keep the lights on. That's where financial planning and analysis (FP&A) comes in. It's not just for big corporations — it can make a huge difference

Marketing 4 Min Read

Podcast ad revenue growth slowed for second year in a row: report

Get marketing news you'll actually want to readMarketing Brew informs marketing pros of the latest on brand strategy, social media, and ad tech via our weekday newsletter, virtual events, marketing conferences, and digital guides.Podcast ad revenue growth slowed for the second year in a row in 2023, but it’s on

Leadership 7 Min Read

Is Selling Your Business the Only Way Out of Burnout? Here Are Five Alternatives to Consider Instead.

Entrepreneurship burnout is real. A recent study from Small Biz Silver Lining confirms that 75% of small business owners are concerned about their mental health. The thrill of being your own boss and having complete control over decision-making can often wind up being the very thing that causes the stress.

Startups 4 Min Read

The $2.3 Billion Tornado Cash Case Is a Pivotal Moment for Crypto Privacy

In their statement to the court, Dutch prosecutors suggest a different solution, if Pertsev had actually cared about Tornado Cash's exploitation by criminals. “What was the simplest option? Take the UI offline and stop advertising. Plain and simple,” they write. “Stop offering the service.”In the conclusion of that same statement

Marketing 5 Min Read

Netflix counts 40 million on ad tier amid further push into live sports

Netflix with Ads keeps getting bigger.The streaming giant’s ad-supported tier has 40 million global monthly active users, up considerably from the 5 million monthly active ad-supported users one year ago, the company announced this week ahead of its second-ever upfront presentation to advertisers in New York. Of all Netflix sign-ups

Growing a Business 7 Min Read

How to Become a Visionary Leader

Everyone wants to know how to be a powerful leader that transforms business, but too many assume that hard work is all you need to get there. If there's one thing I've learned in my time as CEO at Idoneus, it's that all that work is only made relevant by

Leadership 10 Min Read

How to Leverage the Power of Storytelling in Business Leadership

A seismic shift away from academic knowledge and data dissemination to a more personal, narrative-driven and authentic approach can boost any leader's ability to inspire and influence their stakeholders. In fact, Stanford's Graduate School of Business found that stories are remembered up to 22 times more than facts alone. This

Startups 8 Min Read

There’s No Undoing Tech’s Great Rewiring of Childhood

The book currently topping the New York Times nonfiction bestseller list is The Anxious Generation, a jeremiad against social media and its impact on young people. Its thesis is that apps like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok have unleashed an epidemic of mental illness among children, preteens, and teenagers. Immediate and

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In January, with the flip of a switch, Amazon’s Prime Video became the largest ad-supported

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Project Astra Is Google’s ‘Multimodal’ Answer to the New ChatGPT

Pulkit Agrawal, an assistant professor at MIT who works on AI and robotics, says Google's

The Company Driving Success in the B2B Creator Economy

Entrepreneur Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm partnered with Entrepreneur Media that is dedicated