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Your Guide to Gaining a Competitive Edge and Succeeding as an Entrepreneur Over the Next 5 Years

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As an entrepreneur, you must stay ahead and anticipate the future. To do this, you must refine your current skills and understand successful business practices while sharpening the most important skills you should master in the next five years.From recognizing potential opportunities to adapting quickly to change and maximizing resources for growth, you'll be better equipped to take your business

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Business Models 8 Min Read

Why Optimizing Cash Management Is A Critical Early Lesson for Entrepreneurs

I was asked in an interview once what the three biggest mistakes I made were when starting my business. In coming up with a response, I quickly realized they all revolved around cash management. (For those wondering, I started undercapitalized and with a negative net worth, not understanding the importance

Business Models 5 Min Read

How Immigrating From Argentina to the Bronx at 11 Prepared Her For Life as a Franchisee

Vanesa Ellis had no pest control experience. She'd also been out of the workforce for 15 years, having left a job at Wells Fargo to raise her kids. Then she opened a Mosquito Squad franchise in 2016, and it's thrived ever since. How'd she make the transition so easily? Because,

Business Models 9 Min Read

5 Recession-Proof Businesses to Start in a Turbulent Economy

Economic downturns are no joke. Recession throws a massive cog in the proverbial wheels of several established entrepreneurs as well as new startup owners. A recent study by Startup Genome found that a staggering 74% of startups saw their revenues plummet since the pandemic. Even more grim is how many

Business Models 6 Min Read

Is the Customer Always Right? How to Understand Customer-Centric Thinking to Drive Engagement

Imagine a world where mattresses aren't just about sleep but are associated with beauty, stress relief and overall well-being, where millions of data points can predict when the "next big thing" is right around the corner. This is the world today, driven by ever-evolving consumer preferences, where companies strive to

Business Models 7 Min Read

10 Things to Consider When Shopping for a Coworking Space

This story originally appeared on Under30CEO.comThere are many benefits to having a coworking space, whether you're shopping as an individual or on behalf of your business. But if you want to make the right decision, you'll need to make sure you're comparing spaces logically and methodically.That decision is more difficult

Business Models 6 Min Read

Want Maximum ROI For Your Franchise? Try Harnessing These Franchise Trends

Operating a small business has become increasingly competitive. With a limited market share, small businesses must understand their market while creating a memorable customer experience and leveraging technology.Additionally, they must develop a robust brand or franchise with an already established brand to stay competitive. Whether franchised or independent, developing solid

Business Models 8 Min Read

How to Fall Back in Love with Your Business

Early in my entrepreneurial journey, I found myself stretched very thin and losing my enthusiasm. I was trying to figure out, "Who will I be when I grow up?" I was a coach, coaching a variety of clients with a variety of needs. A couple of clients were executives struggling

Business Models 7 Min Read

How Remote Work Trends Are Shaping Real Estate Demands

The transformation from traditional office environments to remote work has not only been a response to global events but a marker of a new era in the way we conduct business.This shift is affecting both residential and commercial real estate markets in ways that offer opportunities and challenges for entrepreneurs

Business Models 8 Min Read

Why Employee Accountability is the Holy Grail of Every Successful Business

Accountability is a remarkably dynamic word and so much more than a simple promise to perform. While the concept is rooted in responsibilities, the term also implies continuous action and a healthy system of checks and balances. At its core, accountability is about showing up, claiming ownership of a task,

Business Models 9 Min Read

Using AI to Create a Workplace that Appeals to Gen Z

This story originally appeared on Readwrite.comIf you're an entrepreneur or tech professional wondering how to engage and keep Gen Z employees, turning to AI and Big Data may be the answer. Using these powerful tools can create a workplace that appeals to this demographic of workers and allows them to

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