Yonder secures £62.5mil in series A round

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Yonder, a credit card startup company and Startups 100 alumni, has recently announced that it has received a new round of Series A funding to help it continue to grow and scale the business. The Series A funding, to the tune of $62.5 million, was co-led by Northzone and RTP Global alongside angel investors Joseph Moore, founder of Crust Bros, and

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For startups, revenue and profit are the key performance indicators (KPIs) that indicate success. In recent years, we have seen investors pump billions into Silicon Valley or technology companies, based on projections and estimates. They catch the headlines and illustrate investors attempts to find the next company like Apple, but many

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Term sheets: everything you need to know

What do term sheets cover?Term sheets are versatile documents, and they typically encompass several vital details:The nature of the investment or transactionThe amount involvedThe company valuationConditions that must be met before finalising the deal, such as due diligenceSpecific terms of the industry and the required legal terms, as explained in

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P2P lending: what is it and should startups use it?

Peer-to-peer or P2P lending allows startups to obtain loans directly from individual investors, cutting out financial institutions. It connects companies looking for funding with lenders who want to invest.P2P lending sources increased following the 2008 financial crisis when traditional lenders introduced stricter lending criteria. Most P2P lending takes place through online

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Over four in five entrepreneurs believe that the shift to remote funding rounds in our new era of remote and hybrid working has opened new growth opportunities, according to a recent poll conducted by Pitch, a collaborative presentation platform. The surge is attributed to a growing confidence in remote fundraising efforts,

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What is EBITDA? How to calculate and use this key metric

Case study: calculating EBITDA for TechFab Innovations LtdTechFab Innovations Ltd is a company that designs and manufactures innovative tech accessories. To calculate their EBITDA for the fiscal year, they follow these steps: Gather financial data:Earnings: TechFab's total revenue for the year was £2,500,000.Interest: They paid £50,000 in interest on loans they

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Initial public offering (IPO): listing your company explained

Listing on AIM vs Standard List (Main Market)When it comes to taking a business public, the United Kingdom offers two distinct choices: the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) and the Standard List, also known as the Main Market. These two options provide businesses with avenues to raise capital from public investors, but

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Talent retention: embracing the four hybrid work types

A reversal of remote work policies is underway at several prominent UK banks, as they introduce mandatory in-office attendance to enhance productivity. Lloyds, for instance, has called upon its employees to return to the office twice a week, while HSBC is preparing for three office days per week, starting in

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Government commits £1 billion to support 100,000 small businesses

In a significant move to bolster small businesses across the United Kingdom, the UK government has allocated £1 billion through its Start Up Loans scheme. This initiative, designed to aid entrepreneurs in launching and expanding their enterprises, has now extended financial support to over 100,000 businesses nationwide.Delivered through the state-owned British

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Pitch perfect: how to write an effective pitch deck for investors

The fundamentalsWhen do you need a pitch deck?When you want to present your business plan to potential investors for funding to develop the business. You don’t need one if you are growing and funding business development organically.What is the aim of a pitch deck?To persuade investors to invest in your

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Financial advisors for small businesses – essential guide

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