Zillow Gone Wild is the gift that keeps on giving for the brand

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Zillow Gone Wild is, indeed, going wild.The cross-platform social media account, which highlights some of the weirdest and most extravagant home listings on the real-estate platform Zillow (like this castle in Southlake, Texas, or this AI-looking house in Victoria, British Columbia), has accumulated an audience of nearly 5 million across social media and its newsletter. Now, it’s also a TV

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Marketing 7 Min Read

Inside Prime Video’s consumer products licensing strategy

If you really love a TV show, why wouldn’t you want to deck yourself out in branded clothes, eat limited-edition snacks, and buy collectibles based on your favorite characters?Take Prime Video’s smash-hit TV show Fallout, which debuted earlier this year. Beyond marketing the series to get audiences tuned in, Amazon

Marketing 8 Min Read

Brands are turning to alternative platforms for Olympic activations

The Olympics is expected to be one of the biggest broadcast events of the summer. But for many younger viewers, they might spend more time watching the competition and the content that surrounds it on social platforms like TikTok than on the TV screen.That means that the organizing committee itself,

Marketing 6 Min Read

Ouai is expanding its St. Barts line, one OOH placement at a time

For the second year in a row, Ouai is making summer all about St. Barts—this time by land, air, and sea.Earlier this summer, the hair and body-care brand released a St. Barts hair and body mist and doubled down on some of its marketing strategies from last summer’s campaign for

Marketing 4 Min Read

How GoGo Squeez is breaking into sports

GoGo Squeez is break dancing its way to a new brand image.The snack brand, best known for its squeezable applesauce pouches, has largely come to be associated with babies or toddlers, but its latest product and marketing push is meant to tap into a slightly older, more active audience.To help

Marketing 9 Min Read

How team marketers keep their socials active year-round

For many sports fans, their social media feeds are dominated with highlights, scores, and all the other news and drama when their favorite teams are in season.But team social media managers still have to feed the content machine during the dreaded offseason.“I want to make sure that the Liberty is

Marketing 3 Min Read

Coworking with David Corns

Get marketing news you'll actually want to readMarketing Brew informs marketing pros of the latest on brand strategy, social media, and ad tech via our weekday newsletter, virtual events, marketing conferences, and digital guides.David Corns is the chief marketing officer of Opendoor, an online residential real-estate company. Prior to Opendoor,

Marketing 4 Min Read

How Max put a dragon atop the Empire State Building

Earlier this summer, New Yorkers may have spotted a 270-foot dragon encircling the top of the Empire State Building. No, it wasn’t a spin-off of King Kong. Instead, the idea was cooked up by another member of the Warner Bros. family: Max.“In one of our brainstorms, somebody threw out, ‘Wouldn’t

Marketing 3 Min Read

Etsy seeks to return to its roots with human-centric campaign

Get marketing news you'll actually want to readMarketing Brew informs marketing pros of the latest on brand strategy, social media, and ad tech via our weekday newsletter, virtual events, marketing conferences, and digital guides.Etsy was once known as a marketplace for artists selling handmade goods. After becoming a destination for

Marketing 5 Min Read

Online tracker ID5 gets into the streaming game

A potential solution to tracking and measuring users on the open web is coming for the small screen.ID5, an alternative ID tool that provides publishers and marketers with a way to track users without the use of cookies, is pitching itself to streamers, broadcasters, and CTV platforms, CEO Mathieu Roche

Marketing 4 Min Read

Sports streaming fragmentation is a boon for advertisers

Want to catch an NFL game on Christmas? Head to Netflix. Trying to watch a WNBA game on a Tuesday or Thursday? It’s probably on Amazon’s Prime Video. Hoping to see an NBA game in 2026? Well, which streamer those games might land on is still up in the air.No

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