Zoom Steps Up Its Game With AI and

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Here are five things in tech that happened this week and how they affect your business. Did you miss them? 1 – Zoom taps AI to empower customers in safe hybrid work environment. Zoom – the communications platform used by nearly 13 million people each month – is working to further elevate its collaboration services with AI technology. Announcements include

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Airbnb’s Olympics Push Could Help It Win Over Paris

Short-term rentals can function as a quick release valve for a city expecting an influx of visitors, increasing capacity for a short time nearly instantly. In fact, despite the usual hype around the Olympic Games, there are still many places to stay in Paris this summer.A search on Airbnb for

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Europe Scrambles for Relevance in the Age of AI

That concentration of power is uncomfortable for European governments. It makes European companies downstream customers of the future, importing the latest services and technology in exchange for money and data sent westward across the Atlantic. And these concerns have taken on a new urgency—partly because some in Brussels perceive a

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OpenAI-Backed Nonprofits Have Gone Back on Their Transparency Pledges

Neither database mandates nor generally contains up-to-date versions of the records that UBI Charitable and OpenResearch had said they provided in the past.The original YC Research conflict-of-interest policy that Das did share calls for company insiders to be upfront about transactions in which their impartiality could be questioned and for

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Orkut’s Founder Is Still Dreaming of a Social Media Utopia

Before Orkut launched in January 2004, Büyükkökten warned the team that the platform he’d built it on could handle only 200,000 users. It wouldn't be able to scale. “They said, let's just launch and see what happens,” he explains. The rest is online history. “It grew so fast. Before we

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Light-Based Chips Could Help Slake AI’s Ever-Growing Thirst for Energy

“What we have here is something incredibly simple,” said Tianwei Wu, the study’s lead author. “We can reprogram it, changing the laser patterns on the fly.” The researchers used the system to design a neural network that successfully discriminated vowel sounds. Most photonic systems need to be trained before they’re

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Tesla Shareholders Approve Elon Musk’s Big Payday

Under CEO Elon Musk, Tesla has been credited with revolutionizing the auto industry, jump-starting the electric revolution, and racking up billions in profit in the process. Now Musk is set for a record payday worth around $50 billion, after the electric car company’s shareholders approved a compensation plan that had

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As Google Targets AI Search Ads, It Could Learn a Lot From Bing

Disclosure of ads has been an issue on Copilot as well. Though Microsoft says it labels all ads, Marcus Pratt, senior vice president for insights and technology at the ad-buying agency Mediasmith, says he’s encountered at least two searches in which links with indications that they are sponsored arguably haven’t

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Sellers Call Amazon’s Buy Box ‘Abusive.’ Now They’re Suing

The latest UK class action, brought by the retailers, seeks financial compensation for the company’s alleged historical practices. “The most obvious and principal effect is a loss of revenue and profits. Amazon is taking sales away from merchants, having been able to use competitor data to bring to market its

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LinkedIn’s AI Career Coaches Will See You Now

Many burned-out workers have likely dreamed of hiring a career coach or résumé writer. Now, LinkedIn is introducing chats with generative AI career experts based on real people. Other new AI tools within the platform will help people write résumés and cover letters or evaluate their qualifications for jobs posted.LinkedIn

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Don’t Let Mistrust of Tech Companies Blind You to the Power of AI

Meanwhile, in less visible ways, AI is already changing education, commerce, and the workplace. One friend recently told me about a big IT firm he works with. The company had a lengthy and long-established protocol for launching major initiatives that involved designing solutions, coding up the product, and engineering the

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