Zoom Steps Up Its Game With AI and

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Here are five things in tech that happened this week and how they affect your business. Did you miss them? 1 – Zoom taps AI to empower customers in safe hybrid work environment. Zoom – the communications platform used by nearly 13 million people each month – is working to further elevate its collaboration services with AI technology. Announcements include

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How I Became a Python Programmer—and Fell Out of Love With the Machine

The difficulty with any new programming language is the sharp learning curve, all that drudgery and bashing your forehead into the keyboard. There was no Codecademy or Stack Overflow in those days. We bought books from the likes of O’Reilly and No Starch Press. I bought Learning Python and skimmed

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Crypto Magnate Do Kwon Found Liable for Multibillion-Dollar Fraud

The defense attempted to draw a distinction between the failure of Terraform’s crypto assets, whose risk profile it implied was well understood by investors, and the acts of fraud alleged by the SEC. “Failure doesn’t equal fraud,” David Patton, attorney to Kwon, reportedly told the courtroom in his opening statement.The

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This AI Startup Wants You to Talk to Houses, Cars, and Factories

“The physical world is where we have most of our problems, because it is so complex and fast moving that things are beyond our perception to fully understand,” says Brandon Barbello, a cofounder who is also Archetype’s COO. “We put sensors in all kinds of things to help us, but

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Welcome to the Age of Technofeudalism

The tech giants have overthrown capitalism. That’s the argument of former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis, who became famous trying to defend debt-laden Greece from its German creditors. Varoufakis has never quite regained the notoriety of 2015. But he has remained a prominent left-wing voice. After a failed campaign for

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Students Are Likely Writing Millions of Papers With AI

Students have submitted more than 22 million papers that may have used generative AI in the past year, new data released by plagiarism detection company Turnitin shows.A year ago, Turnitin rolled out an AI writing detection tool that was trained on its trove of papers written by students as well

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He Emptied an Entire Crypto Exchange Onto a Thumb Drive. Then He Disappeared

Faruk was born in February 1994, the youngest of three. He was inseparable from his brother, Güven, and sister, Serap. They grew up camping, playing video games, and cooking together. Friends always pointed out their shared sense of humor. His parents ran a print and copy shop in the city

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Apple Store Employees Say Coworkers Were Disciplined for Supporting Palestinians

Nearly 300 current and former Apple employees have published an open letter alleging that several retail and corporate employees of the company have been disciplined or “wrongfully terminated” for expressing support for Palestinian people through pins, bracelets, or keffiyeh.The group, which calls itself Apples4Ceasefire, is planning a protest outside Apple’s

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TikTok Shop’s Era of Super Subsidies Is Ending

The days of buying ultracheap stuff on TikTok Shop may be winding down.Starting today, the fees TikTok charges sellers increase from 2 percent to 6 percent of the price of each order. They will creep up to 8 percent in July. The changes may mark a crucial moment for people

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OpenAI’s GPT Store Is Triggering Copyright Complaints

For the past few months, Morten Blichfeldt Andersen has spent many hours scouring OpenAI’s GPT Store. Since it launched in January, the marketplace for bespoke bots has filled up with a deep bench of useful and sometimes quirky AI tools. Cartoon generators spin up New Yorker–style illustrations and vivid anime

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Oregon’s Breakthrough Right-to-Repair Bill Is Now Law

Oregon governor Tina Kotek yesterday signed the state's Right to Repair Act, which will push manufacturers to provide more repair options for their products than any other state so far.The law, like those passed in New York, California, and Minnesota, will require many manufacturers to provide the same parts, tools,

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