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Zack Oates of Ovation on Building Business Connections through Digital Storytelling

Growing a Business 4 Min Read

Soliciting feedback from customers often seems like a daunting task. However, Zack Oates and his team at Ovation have cracked the code with a proven strategy that not only encourages guest feedback, but also establishes a personal connection for exceptional results.Zack Oates and the guest feedback platform Ovation have taken a radically different approach to hearing from customers, which stems

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Build These Habits to Become a True Leader (Not Just a Boss)

You know what's funny? Being a boss is very, very easy. You tell people what to do, how you expect it to be done and when you expect it to be done. But being a leader? That's a different matter. Leadership involves influence, mobilization of commitment and the ability to

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How to Build a Successful AI Startup in Today’s Landscape

Artificial intelligence is set to become a swelling ocean of radical change, altering many facets of society. Within the business world, AI is already driving significant and far-reaching innovation. And within the B2C arena, significant opportunities for startups offering generative B2C AI services are starting to emerge.Generative AI, a machine

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Former Disney Princess’s Home Side Hustle Earns $250k a Year

This Side Hustle Spotlight Q&A features Victoria Carroll, a U.S.-based professional voice actor who created a full-time career with the freelance service platform Fiverr.Image Credit: Courtesy of Fiverr. Victoria Carroll. What was your day job (or other sources of income) when you started your side hustle?I was living abroad in

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Be Careful What You Share With Buyers When Selling a Business

Mergers and acquisitions are complex business processes that require significant due diligence from both parties. In fact, M&A is so complex that between 70% and 90% fail, according to Harvard Business Review. Therefore, it's critical that founders have the proper toolkit when speaking to potential buyers so they understand what's

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We’re Still Far From an Equal Workplace for Marginalized Communities. Employers Need to Follow These Steps for a Path to a More Equitable Future.

For Black, brown and other people from marginalized groups in the workplace, there continue to be stark inequalities that hinder our success. Take, for instance, Black women, who are estimated to lose over $900,000 over a 40-year career because of the earnings gap. For Black founders, funding has continued to

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3 Ways My Business Overcame the Summer Sales Slump

We all look forward to taking a dip in the pool during the summer when the sun is shining, but the inevitable dip in sales from June to August can leave business owners in a bind.According to one 2023 study, two-thirds of B2B businesses experience a sales slump over the

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Every Great Business Partnership Have These 7 Elements in Common

Partnerships in business are a dynamic and powerful way to propel a venture forward. They combine the strengths and resources of individuals to achieve shared goals. However, the success of a partnership hinges on careful planning and establishing a strong foundation.Drawing from my experiences in both successful and challenging partnerships,

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5 Realistic and Practical Ways to Increase Your Domain Authority for Google Search

Anyone working on SEO knows that various factors and metrics influence a webpage's Google rankings. Among these measurements, domain authority is one that's been closely tracked by many, knowing its impact on a website's SEO quality. Excellent domain authority often translates to better SERP ranking.Unfortunately, building domain authority is not

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Creative Marketing Hacks for Bootstrapped Startups

In today's competitive business landscape, bootstrapped startups often face limited resources and tight budgets when marketing their products or services. However, with some creativity and strategic planning, these startups can still reach and significantly influence their target audience.Related: Considering franchise ownership? Get started now to find your personalized list of

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Roommates Started a Side Hustle With $4k and Made Over $500k

This Side Hustle Spotlight Q&A features Rachael Leina'ala Soares and Heather Aiu, co-founders of ALOHA Collection, which carries "versatile bags and pouches designed for everyday use." Responses have been edited for length and clarity. What was your day job (or other sources of income) when you started your side hustle?Back

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