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Zack Oates of Ovation on Building Business Connections through Digital Storytelling

Growing a Business 4 Min Read

Soliciting feedback from customers often seems like a daunting task. However, Zack Oates and his team at Ovation have cracked the code with a proven strategy that not only encourages guest feedback, but also establishes a personal connection for exceptional results.Zack Oates and the guest feedback platform Ovation have taken a radically different approach to hearing from customers, which stems

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How to Find Long-Term Career Fulfillment in Today’s World

The post-global shutdown career landscape requires more than survival — it demands new skills to achieve professional fulfillment."Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore!" - Dorothy, The Wizard Of Oz"It's no surprise that the career landscape has been irreversibly transformed by the global shutdown. For many of us,

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Trendy or Timeless — Which Is Best to Grow Your Business?

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Ask these Questions to Make Sure Your Company’s Financial Plan Is on Track

An annual financial plan can help you regulate cash flow, cut costs, manage taxes and generate growth. But no matter how thorough that plan is, it is important to set up regular checkpoints to review it throughout the year. By June, you should have a good idea of how your

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How to Can Spark Real Innovation By Embracing Cross-Pollination

Ah, innovation! It is that flair in the entrepreneurs' eyes, the burning desire in their belly, the wind that supports their startup's takeoff. But here's the kicker: Real innovation isn't just about looking into the future; it is also about considering looking around. Envision a world where ideas are like

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Follow These 7 Business Strategies to Future-Proof Your Business

Being ahead of the curve is becoming more than just a benefit as the corporate environment changes at an unprecedented rate. Businesses that are flexible enough to adjust to the changing nature of employment in the future will prosper. The creative workforce tactics listed below might assist your business in

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The Perfect Franchise for Flexibility

The allure of achieving financial independence without sacrificing personal freedom has never been more appealing. One empowering pathway to this goal is through mobile franchise business models. These models offer the freedom to manage a thriving business working part-time, giving you control over your time and resources.Mobile franchising is a

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6 Cost-Effective Ways to Acquire Brand Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors are crucial in boosting your brand's visibility and credibility. They influence consumer opinions and extend your brand's reach. However, partnering with high-profile ambassadors can be expensive. Fortunately, there are budget-friendly ways to attract and engage brand ambassadors effectively.1. Encourage customer advocacyLeverage something invaluable already at your fingertips: User

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Why Remote Work Policies Are Good For the Environment

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria carry more weight than ever for individuals and companies committed to sustainable and ethical practices. Broadly, ESG criteria push beyond financial metrics in their assessment of company performance, instead focusing on environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and corporate governance.Therefore, a fascinating balance needs to be

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Why Accurate Local Listings Are Critical for Business Success

Accurate local listings are more important than ever for businesses. But what are local listings anyway? Local listings are virtual storefronts that give customers a general overview of the business, such as when it is open and how they can reach the business.And these listings are very vital for business

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The Content CEO Shares His Secret for Success

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