Zoom’s Return-To-Office Could Doom The Company

Leadership 4 Min Read

Exceptional leaders often excel as skilled storytellers, and for good reason. Once a company hits a certain level of organizational complexity, one of the most important tasks the CEO has is to craft intellectually coherent and captivating narratives about the firm, its purpose, and its performance. Failure in this task means undermining the very existence of the company; a sin

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Leadership 8 Min Read

The Key to Preparing Your Business for an Eventual Investment or Sale

Crafting an investment teaser for your business each year might seem premature if selling isn't even on the radar yet. But this important forward-looking exercise does a lot more than prepare your business for an eventual investment or sale. It helps business owners visualize the pitch they would have to

Leadership 3 Min Read

Warren Buffett Changes His Will, Gates Foundation Donations

Warren Buffett revised his will and gave his biggest yearly donation yet to five charities.Buffett told The Wall Street Journal on Friday that almost all of his fortune, valued at about $130 billion, will now go into a new charitable trust upon his death. Buffett's children, Susie, Howie, and Peter

Leadership 4 Min Read

Netflix Has 2 CEOs: Greg Peters, Ted Sarandos. It’s Working.

This article originally appeared on Business Insider. How do you share the leadership of a multibillion-dollar company? Netflix co-CEO Greg Peters thinks he and co-CEO Ted Sarandos have got it down. Peters recently told The Verge that he considers having two CEOs to be an "incredibly powerful model" that works

Leadership 7 Min Read

3 Strategies for Lasting Customer Loyalty and Growth

Customer experience, put simply, is everything. Every interaction our customers have with our business, no matter how big or how small, can positively or negatively impact the relationship. A stellar customer experience can yield many benefits — increased revenue, brand loyalty, market share growth and competitive differentiation, to name a

Leadership 3 Min Read

Dr. Bronner’s CEO Salary Cap Based on Lowest Employee Wage

Dr. Bronner's estimates that a bottle of its soap is sold every two seconds — but the 150-year-old, family-owned business stands for more than just the products it puts on the shelves.A social media post from Dr. Bronner's last week revealed an internal aspect of its business: the soapmaker limits

Leadership 8 Min Read

Do You Perpetuate Harm Against Your LGBTQIA+ Employees?

In recent years, companies have taken steps to create more inclusive workplaces for LGBTQIA+ employees. But let's be real — many still face discrimination, aggression and a lack of genuine support from leadership.One major roadblock? Low-conscious leaders who haven't done the inner work to heal their own traumas, judgments, and

Leadership 8 Min Read

I Started Over 300 Companies. Here Are 4 Things I Learned About Scaling a Business.

Starting a business requires a delicate balance of risk, passion, intel, research and confidence in yourself. You have to trust your instinct — and rest on the hard work you've done to prepare for business growth. You also have to weigh potential risks against the confidence and belief that you

Leadership 8 Min Read

The 5-Step Elevator Pitch That Attracts Dream Clients

An elevator pitch is a brief, compelling introduction to who you are, what value you offer, and why it matters. It is often referred to as an elevator pitch because it should be short enough to be delivered within the time constraints of a single elevator ride, typically 30 to

Leadership 2 Min Read

3 Essential Skills I Learned By Bootstrapping My Business

Before I became a dad, I bought a handful of parenting books. A type-A planner by nature, I wanted to know exactly what to expect when my wife and I were expecting. I thought if I prepared for it like a college exam, there was no chance I wouldn't ace

Leadership 7 Min Read

How to Start a 6-Figure Etsy Side Hustle for Passive Income

More than half (54%) of Americans have picked up a side hustle over the past year to help make ends meet. And although people eager to earn extra cash have near-limitless options nowadays — from dog walking to driving for Uber, tutoring and beyond — some of the best gigs

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